Installing a Web Page

on the WHS Web Site



To install a web page on the WHS site:

  1. Create the page. The simplest way to do so is to develop it with a word processor and export it as a web page.  It is a very good idea to save the original doc file and  the web page in a folder with the same name (except for extensions). In the example the file “EditingTheClassMenu.doc”  and   the exported web page “EditingTheClassMenu.mht”   are saved in the folder “EditingTheClassMenu”. 
  2. Save the page as a zip archive. Save the contents of the  above directory in in a zip archive of the same name. Generally highlighting the contents, right-clicking, and selecting “Send To” ->”Compressed (zipped) Folder will work.






  1. Upload the zipfile: Select “Page Up/Downloads” under  Tools  on the  Main Menu

As “Upload Name  enter the exact name (with extension) of the web page you  created.  There are several web page formats. Generally the “htm”  (“html”)  format gives better results at the expense of a larger (but not that much larger) zipfile.  Be sure to include the auxiliary “_files” folder with pages of this format.  (The observant reader will note that the following image the Upload Name is of type “mht”. The page was later updated with an “htm” format page.)

Enter a very brief description of the file on the “Upload Descriptor” line

Browse for the zipfile you created and select it. The path to the file will appear in the “Upload File  line.

Press “Insert


  1.  Construct the URL: With a successful upload the page will be added to the bottom of your page table. The table lists the Upload ID (a positive integer) and the (exact) name of  your page.  The URL for the page will be

    In the example the URL is

      Note that by following the naming protocol (Upload Name = Exact webpage name) the URL is immediately constructed from the table information and the URL


  1. Updating a Web Page

    To update a web page  select “Download  in  the Upload table line for that page. Expand the zipfile, edit the source document,  re-export it to a web page and make a new zipfile. 

    With the new zipfile prepared select “Select” in the Upload table line for that page,  then “Edit”. Browse for the new zipfile and press “Update


Paul Eakin

University of Kentucky

August 19, 2006