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FAQ for UK Students Logging in to WHS

This information is specific to students enrolled in courses at the University of Kentucky.

  • I've never logged in before. What is my login name/password?
    If you pre-registered for your class, you should already have an account. Your login name AND your password are your student identification number (usually your social security number), NOT the letter 'u' followed by the last seven digits of your student identification number. During the login process, you will be prompted for an e-mail addres. Provide a complete internet e-mail address, e.g. On subsequent logins, you can use your e-mail address as your login name.

  • When I use my student identification number for my login and my password, I get an "authentication error". What's wrong?
    If you registered late for the class, you may not yet have an account. Register as a new user. Make sure you use University of Kentucky (near the end of the list) as your school. Once you are logged in, click Add/Drop Classes and find your class/section from the list. Request Registration rather than Browse so that you can receive credit for your homework.

  • When I try to register as a new user, the system says that I already have an account. I have never logged in before. What is my login and password?
    Your login name and password are both your student identification number.

  • If my login and password are both my student identification number, might someone with this info be able to login as me?
    Yes. That is why you should change your password to something else as soon as possible. Choose Password Change to change your password.

  • On the Add/Drop classes screen, there are no classes listed. How can I add my class?
    Most likely, you chose a school different from University of Kentucky when you registered. Click Account Modification, click Modify Other, then change your school to University of Kentucky and click Submit. You may have to close the browser and login again before the classes show up in your Add/Drop Classes page.

  • Every time I login, the system asks for my e-mail address. How can I make it stop doing this?
    Use your e-mail address rather than your student identification number for your login.

  • When I am asked for an e-mail address, should I use my UK e-mail address or can I use a different one?
    It doesn't matter. Use any e-mail address that you regularly check.

  • I don't have an e-mail address. How can I get one?
    If you are a UK student, you can get an e-mail address at the UK Computer Account Information page and requesting a U-Connect Mail account. Alternately, you can setup a free account at Yahoo! or MSN Hotmail.

  • I am taking MA 123, but it has been a long time since I took MA 109. I would like to review the material from MA 109, but no longer have my book. Is there a place online where I can do this?
    There is an online college algebra text book here.

  • Can I get to from home, the library, etc?
    Yes. You can access from anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • How much does printing cost in the Mathskeller?
    Nothing. Printing is free in that lab.

  • I would like to conserve paper. How can I print my homeworks two pages per sheet?
    This is the default setting, and will be done automatically for you.

  • Will there be tutoring in the Mathskeller?
    Yes, there will be free weekly tutoring with the schedule found here and also a week of tutoring prior to each MA123 common hour exam. These schedules are also posted in the Mathskeller.
  • Will there be tutoring in the inslab (CB 313)?
    No. All tutoring that was in the inslab in previous semesters will now be in the Mathskeller.

  • What homework/assignments am I supposed to do and when are they due?
    This is decided by individual instructors. Contact your instructor for this information.

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