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Logging in To MathClass

This explains how University of Kentucky students login to the MathClass website to retrieve and submit homework assignments, check on grades and contact instructors.


Software Requirements: In order to access the MathClass website, you will need to use an internet browser, such as Internet Explorer 10.0, Google Chrome 36, or Firefox 31. If you are using Internet Explorer for a math class, you will need to have an additional plugin installed or else the homework assignments will not display correctly. If your personal computer does not currently meet these requirements, you can install the appropriate plugins and software -- for details, see Using other computers below. Until this is done, you should access your homework from any Windows-based computer at any Student Computing Services (SCS) lab on campus or from the Mathskeller (63 Whitehall Classroom Bldg).

The website does use pop-ups to display pages; so if you have them disabled, make sure to make an exception for this website. The website also uses an in-memory cookie as a login session ticket -- so, if you have these disabled, enable it for this website.

It is recommended that you use Firefox (especially if you are using a mac). An alternative is Google Chrome, although math equations will take longer to display on Chrome compared with Firefox. Internet Explorer has the disadvantage that you need to install plugins in order for formulas to display correctly.


Logging in for the first time Wait until the first day of classes and until the day after you actually registered before logging in. Go to a computer that has the required software. From the browser, navigate to http://www.mathclass.org and click on the link labeled Login to WHS Login using your campus Link Blue account login and password; this is the account you use to access your myUK. Make sure that you enter your login name as ad\UserName where UserName is your Link Blue account login name and use your current Link Blue account password. The password is case-sensitive, so make sure that caps lock is not set. If this doesn't work, your account may be in the medical center domain -- in which case you need to use mc\UserName.

If you have never logged into MathClass before, you will need to set up a local MathClass account. (You have to do this even though you continue to authenticate using your Link Blue account.) In this case, you will see a form entitled Register for an Account. Fill in the fields and submit the form:

  1. Email: Provide an e-mail address not already associated with another MathClass account. This is the address to which responses from your instructor will be sent. Give a complete address, e.g. jsmith@uky.edu
  2. Password: This is the password that will be used on your local mathclass account. It must be at least 7 characters long and include a character which is neither a letter nor a digit.
  3. Security Question and Security Answer: These are used to identify yourself when you use the 'Forgot Your Password?' link to reset your mathclass password. The Security Answer is case sensitive.
  4. First and Last Name: These should be the same names you use for University records. Your instructor will need to match these with the name on the class roll and grade sheets.
  5. Affiliation: Select College or University; another pull-down will appear. From it, select University of Kentucky. A text field labeled UK or AS Account will appear. Put in your active directory login name in the form ad\UserName (just like you did to login).
To create the account, click on the Create User button.

The account will be created and you should be connected to your new MathClass account. When you click on the Continue button, you should see the main MathClass page. If the page does not contain your class BUT it has been 24 hours since you registered, send in a help request to find out why.

If for any reason, you cannot make the above procedure work, go to Mathskeller (63 CB, basement of Whitehall Classroom Building) where personal help is available.


Logging in after the first time You can login to mathclass by using either ad\UserName and your active directory password or the e-mail address and password given above. In either case, you will be connected to the main WHS page.


Using other computers There should be no special setup unless you are using MathClass for a mathematics class and your browser is Internet Explorer. Also, no special setup is needed at any Windows pc in any SCS Lab or the Mathskeller.

  1. To install plugins for Internet Explorer, make sure you are logged in to an account with administrative rights. For example, on a home computer, the first account created on the computer would have administrative rights.
  2. Start up Internet Explorer, go to http://www.dessci.com/, click on the MathPlayer icon, and download and install the MathPlayer plugin.
  3. If you are using Internet Explorer 9.0 or later, do not do this step. If you are using IE 7.0 or 8.0, go to http://www.adobe.com/svg click on the link labeled Viewer Downloaed, select the version for Win98-XP (even if you are running Vista), download and install it.
  4. The first time you try to display a homework assignment, you will need to give permission to:
    • Display pop-ups from the site
    • Run the MathPlayer plugin on the site.
    • Run the Adobe SVGViewer plugin on the site (for Internet Explorer 7.0 and 8.0 only).
    • Accept the Adobe license agreement
  5. You may need also to put https://www.mathclass.org/ into the Trusted sites list, depending on how your Internet Explorer security is configured. (In addition, you must not disable JavaScript and must allow in-memory cookies.)
If you have problems making this procedure work, use any Windows pc at any SCS lab or the Mathskeller (63 CB) to work on your homework until you can get the problem resolved.

Homework assignments: Make sure that you click on the Personal Version button when you download homework assignments, submissions made to other versions will not be counted toward your homework score. Also, before leaving the site, you should always check Homework Scores to make sure that you have been credited with whatever work you did that day -- if there is a discrepancy, report it via a help request. Homework due dates are listed to the right of the assignment; after the due date, answers are displayed to questions and so one cannot give credit for homework submitted after the deadline.

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