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Installing MathClass

The MathClass website is generally available on the internet for educational use. The website is maintained by Mathematical Sciences at the University of Kentucky, and so typically users never need to be concerned about installing the software. Here are some circumstances under which you might want to install it yourself:

  • Creation of an isolated development and testing environment. Homework assignments and placement examinations are developed offline and uploaded to the website where they can be tested and then entered into active homework lists. Alternatively, you may wish to do preliminary testing in a testbed environment prior to the upload to the public site. This would, for example, reduce the exposure of a placement examination while it is being tested.
  • Creation of a public MathClass website. You may wish to run your own copy of MathClass in order to have its services under the administrative control of your institution or even to customize it to your needs. For example, a local copy might be less subject to the vagaries of internet load and you might be able to provide better and more localized response to help requests. Also, student records within MathClass would then be under your institution's direct control making it easier to link it to your other institutional databases; for example, you might want to control class membership based on the registrar's class registration database.

The MathClass website, in 2009, runs on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS 7) web server under the Microsoft Server 2008 operating system with its database running under Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard. The current MathClass installation is designed to work under Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (any version including the free SQL Server Express 2008) and Microsoft Server 2008, Microsoft Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows XP operating systems running the version of IIS included with the respective operating system.

For installation details, consult: MathClass Installation Instructions

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