Placement Examination Data


Direct Viewing of Exam Data


         To view session results you must:

a)       be the instructor  of the placement class in which the session was created, or

b)      be a member of the class with report reading privileges (For Instructors -> “Assigning class privileges, attributes, and membership” for information on assigning class privileges)

         Session results are viewed by selecting  Instructor Tools for the placement exam class and then selecting  Exam Results 


You can view or retrieve spreadsheets of the following


         Results for all students in all sessions which took a particular exam.

         Results for all students who took an exam in a particular session.

         Results for all students with a particular last name.

         Results for all students in all sessions who took an exam between two specified dates.



Mechanisms for Sharing Results


Using the interface, placement exam results are only available to owners of the underlying placement exam classes and the members of those classes whom they have afforded report reading privileges (see For Instructors  for details on permissions). This gives  two basic ways for a group of individuals to share access to exam results.   

  1. Have all exams within a common placement class

         one owner who creates, maintains the exams and sessions

        Viewing permission afforded others via class report reading privileges assigned by owner

         This is a good approach within a single institution.

  1. Have different placement exam classes with sharing via cross-membership and report reading privileges

         Mechanism for cross-sharing among institutions

         Institutional owners exchange membership, report reading privileges in their placement classes




Format of the Data


         Is generally evident from the header

         A few require explanation

        base” = number of non-graded “questions”

         Allows for survey questions, header information, etc.

         Generally base=1 (Exam Description)

        numQues = number of questions including the base.

         Number of test questions = numQues-base

         numRight = number of correctly answered questions

        No answer for base so this is number of exam questions answered correctly

         The base question is Q26




How to Give Others Access to Placement Results