The User Directory



The User Directory is a tool for looking up WHS account information from the last name, email address, or userId. 



A.  Select  User Directory  under “General  on the floating menu.



  1. Enter a  Last Name,  email address,  or userID.  And press “Get Account Information”.

    In the example below the last name “Eakin  was entered which resulted in the table of all “Eakin” accounts in the system.

    The table can be sorted on any of the first four columns by clicking on the column header link. For instance the table below was sorted on “Affiliation and Work Phone”.

    The meaning of the codes under  State”  and “Roles” are given in the Instructor’s guide. They are also displayed on the page which comes up when one presses “Help” on the  Members” page of any activity.  For the codes displayed in the example: “C” indicates the individual has applied for registration and “R” indicates that the instructor has registered the individual. “A’ indicates “Active”, a state used, for instance, to  indicate that the person actually participated in the activity. “S” indicates an individual who can assign states to others and “O” indicates an owner of the activity. Typically, “SO” indicates the instructor of record for a course.  



Paul Eakin

University of Kentucky

August 21, 2006