July 10  WHS Miniconference and Confab

Morgan County High School



Morgan County High School:    Lee Armstrong, Beverly Gamble, Rhonda Henderson, Greg Holbrook, Pam Holbrook, Stacey Perry

Morgan County Middle School Andrea Howard, Terry Whitt

University of Kentucky  Paul Eakin, Carl Eberhart, Ken Kubota, Derek Lane



Things to do

Eberhart:  Tutorial on WHS homework installation – the birth of the howdoi faq sheet

Eakin: Tutorial on Maple graphics – triangles and funny faces

Lane:  Individual conferences for workshop evaluation

Eakin:  Papers to sign for computers and W-4 forms for stidpends to fill out:  

Kubota:  Tutorials on printer installation and Maple installation in classrooms

Armstrong et all:  Supply questions for the How do I .. ?  list.  Supply problems for posting to WHS


Tentative Schedule for doing them

9-9:15            Introductions and remarks on workshop evaluation

9:15-10:00    Tutorial on WHS homework installation

10-10:45        Tutorial on Maple Graphics

10:45-11:00   Remarks on printer and Maple installation

11-11:45        Break into groups to do things: install maple, install homework, sign papers, etc

11:45-1:00     Lunch and general discussion.